Cone of Shame

Not exactly the cone of shame, but for those whom seen the Disney•Pixar movie “Up” know what I’m talking about. Well Mia has reach that time on her short five month of age where she needs to go through the pain of getting spay, is been two days and I’m glad to say the she’s recovering really fast. She hasn’t had any issues of any kind after the surgery. Mia is acting as always, on the first day she was sleeping for the most part of the day and trying to get rib of the cone of shame few times. Today she wants to do everything as always like nothing is missing on her body. I’m glad the recovery is going well.


Why spay?
This procedure will eliminate the possibility of several types of diseases including ovarian and uterine cancer and uterine infections, all of which can be life-threatening. Your pet will not longer experience heat cycles and will not be capable to become pregnant. The likelihood of developing some behavioral concerns and other diseases, such as mammary cancer, may also be reduce, specially when the spay is performed before your pet’s second heat cycle.